C.R. Jackson


Act with Integrity

  • If you see something unsafe, do something to correct it.
  • Do the right thing even if no one is watching.
  • Do what you say you are going to do.
  • Be fair and honest —treat others the way you would like to be treated.
  • Use your words and actions to achieve positive results.

Aim for excellence

  • Zero injuries and incidents is the expectation.
  • Do your job right the first time.
  • Take pride in everything you do — no matter how big or small the task.
  • Do the hard, right action over the easy, wrong action.
  • Positively embrace innovation and change that solve challenges for the team.

Treat everyone with respect

  • Show ultimate respect by ensuring the safety of all impacted by your decisions.
  • Be aware that your attitude and actions impact the whole team.
  • Have the humility to learn from others at all levels.
  • Be mindful that others may have different life experiences than yours and treat their opinions with sensitivity.
  • Be kind to others — show sincere interest in another person’s well-being despite differences you may have.

Be Accountable to Yourself and Your Teammates

  • Ask questions if you are unsure of how to safely complete your task.
  • Show up each day mentally and physically prepared to give your best effort to help the team achieve its goals.
  • Take ownership of your area of responsibility.
  • Communicate proactively and thoroughly with everyone affected by the decisions you make.
  • Be respectful when giving feedback; assume positive intent when receiving feedback.
Let’s Lay A Foundation for Success

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